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Getting Started with MyDLP

This documents simple describes MyDLP, its editions and how to kickstart with MyDLP. If you have any problems or any questions, please use forums.

1. Why MyDLP?

Other than being open source and having the most competitive prices; also, MyDLP is the fastest, most scalelable and feature-rich solution. For more, you can checkout Why MyDLP? page.

2. Installation options

Installation steps for both community and enterprise edition are same. Only difference is the type of license you acquire from MyDLP Portal in Step 5.

MyDLP Community Edition

MyDLP Community Edition is the freely downloadable version of the world’s most comprehensive open source data leakage prevention solution. It is available under the GPL license and it is supported by MyDLP community. MyDLP does not provide commercial support for MyDLP Community Edition. But, you can always use our forums.

By the way? Also it is completely free to use!

MyDLP Enterprise Edition

MyDLP Enterprise Edition enables you to identify, monitor and control sensitive data more efficiently with its enterprise class additional features. MyDLP Enterprise Edition is the only solution that is commercially supported by MyDLP.

You can start 30 days trial without any payment! Right Now!

About pricing, you can always contact us from Product Inquiry page.

If you wonder about the differences between two editions, all of them have been listed here:
View feature comparison table

3. You can try MyDLP Online

Before moving forward, if you want to glance to MyDLP Enterprise Edition, you can try it online.
Online Demo

4. Get MyDLP Installation Images

You should download installation image according to your server architecture. If you do not know which one to select, continue with x86.

Download MyDLP Server Installation CD Image – x64 [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2]
MD5 Checksum for MyDLP Server Installation CD Image – x64

Download MyDLP Server Installation CD Image – x86 [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2]
MD5 Checksum for MyDLP Server Installation CD Image – x86

Also, if you want to download MyDLP Endpoint Agent separately, you can get it from here:
Download MyDLP Endpoint Agent – Windows [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2]

5. Register and acquire your unique license code.

In order to complete MyDLP installation, you need to have a license code from MyDLP Portal. It is needed for both Community and Enterprise Editions. It is a very simple procedure, it will not take more than a minute.

Go to MyDLP Portal

6. Check out Installation Guides

After, downloading MyDLP Installation materials and acquiring your license code, you are ready to complete you MyDLP installation. First, you should follow instruction in MyDLP Installation Guide, after then extend your protection by following MyDLP Endpoint Installation Guide.

And here are some screencasts:

It is recommended that MyDLP server should have at least 4GB memory.

To login MyDLP Management Console, default username is mydlp and default password is again mydlp.

7. Your first DLP Policy

Here some featured tutorials for you:

8. Tutorials

Here are latest five tutorials for MyDLP Appliance:

Also, for more you can always checkout Documents page, which is also a good point to start. Also, please do not hesitate to post forums about any problems during installing and using MyDLP.

You can find very useful screencasts on Youtube MyDLP Playlist.

9. Share your experience with us

We are very curious about your MyDLP experiences. Please share them with us in our forums.

10. What about pricing of MyDLP Enterprise Edition?

About pricing, you can always contact us from Product Inquiry page. We need to know a little about you to quote.

Product Inquiry

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