How to Encrypt Removable Storage?

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In corporate environments, usage of Removable Storage drives, especially USB Flash Drives, is big question mark. Obviously it enhances productivity, because it makes very easy to carry digital data. But, carrying unprotected digital data itself is a risk. Carried data may contain sensitive, confidential or customer information.

So, what is the solution? With MyDLP 2.0, it is possible to enable automatic encryption of removable storage devices. Let me explain how this works:

  1. MyDLP will not allow usage of an unprotected removable storage disk. If a user want to use one, MyDLP will enforce him/her to encrypt it before use.
  2. All encrypted removable storage disks will be decrypted automatically. MyDLP will mount removable storage drive and decrypt data on-the-fly. So, all encryption/decryption process will be transparent and automatically.
  3. User will be able to use his/her encrypted removable storage disk, within company network (as long as MyDLP Endpoint Agent can successfully communicate with MyDLP Server). If user leaves the network (or connection is lost), MyDLP will disconnect removable storage disks and wipe out all encryption related data from memory.

In this way, users will be able to carry / use their confidential data within the company network securely. Even if, removable storage drives were stolen or lost, data stored in them would not be readable.

Also, there is an awesome screencast about this;

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