How to Log / Block Emails with external BCC Addresses

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Taking control of BCC emails is a real problem in corporate environments. Just adding a 3rd party email address to BCC in a sensitive conversation will create serious problem.
Mail has external BCC Destination Object

With MyDLP 2.0, it is possible to detect and take action on emails which have an external BCC address. As always, again this is as easy as drag-n-dropping a destination object to a Mail Rule.

We have introduced a special destination object named Mail has external BCC. This destination object will match any emails which have an external BCC address. The rest is up to you, you can use any kind of Source and Information Type with it:

You can simply Log / Block / Quarantine or Archive any emails which have external BCC. To do this, you should use All Sources object as Source, All Matcher as Information Type, and your desired action (Log, Block, Quarantine or Archive) as Rule Action.

You can create more customized polices on BCC mails just tailored for yourself. (Policy Implementation Basics)

Also, here is the screencast for this tutorial:

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