Comodo Data Loss Prevention

Why MyDLP?

Other than having the most competitive prices; also, MyDLP is the fastest, most scalable and feature-rich solution. Here are some highlights from MyDLP:


All-in-One Solution

You don’t need to buy several modules or products to Monitor, Discover and Prevent data leakage on your company network and endpoints. MyDLP proposed as an All-in-One solution with a single subscription license. You will never need to acquire more licenses to use any features, including the ones will be available in future releases.

Only One Server is Enough

Single server is enough to use all MyDLP features. You do not need to have several dedicated physical or virtual servers to run MyDLP. MyDLP can run on a single server. Whenever you need to scale, you can always increment you server’s resources or add new machines to cluster.

No further 3rd party license

MyDLP can run standalone. It is shipped as a single installable software appliance. You do not have to acquire any further licenses to run MyDLP.
You will not need to have Microsoft (R) Windows, Oracle (R), or any other licenses.

Unified Policy Manager

MyDLP has its unmatched Policy Design Manager. With MyDLP’s intuitive and unified Policy Design Manager, it is very easy to design / manage DLP polices. Anybody familiar with Information Security concepts can easily use MyDLP, you will not need to be an expert.

  • It is flexible. You can use any policy object on any kind of data channel. You do not need to define separate content definition for different data channels. You will not see anything like Credit Card Numbers for Network, Credit Card Numbers for Printers etc…
  • It is centralized. You can manage whole DLP system using one single web interface.
  • It is unified. All kind of content definitions are available for all data channels. From predefined data types (Credit Card Numbers, Social Security Numbers etc…) to partial document matching with fingerprinted documents, you can use all kind of content definitions for Web, Email, Removable Storage Devices, Printers and others. Of course, all of them are also available for Discovery (Data at Rest).
  • It is possible to define multiple users with multiple roles. You can create new users with different several roles including Superadmin, Admin, Auditor, Document Classifier.
  • It is possible to track states of your endpoints using MyDLP Management Console. You can always know whether an endpoint is offline, has not got the latest policy, installed agent version or logged on user.

Indexed Stored Content

MyDLP stores incident content and indexes them using Apache Lucene / Apache SOLR. Any incident which Archive or Quarantine action is applied, will be sent to MyDLP Management Server / Cluster. In this way, MyDLP will store a copy of files, documents or messages related to the incident. They are available, if needed for system administrators or auditors to remediate incidents using Log Management screen at MyDLP Management Console. Also, using MyDLP Management Console, it is possible to make Google-like searches. For example, if you want to find incidents containing “this sentence is very confidential”, MyDLP will files, documents, messages, emails and all kind of data flows containing this phrase. Search will be done in whole stored content (not filename, not description, not any kind of meta, the real content) within seconds.

Network Channels

MyDLP supports Web and Email channels. You can integrate MyDLP with any kind of proxy server or content delivery gateway using ICAP protocol. You can use ICAP to integrate with Websense CG, Squid 3.x, Bluecoat and more… For others, it is always possible to use classical parent / child proxy method.
Also, MyDLP can work with any kind of MTA (including Microsoft Exchange, Zimbra, IBM Lotus Notes) using SMTP Gateway integration.

Endpoint Protection

MyDLP is available for endpoints too, even if they are offline or somehow not connected to server. You can protect endpoints from data leakage through Removable Storage, Printer, Screenshot and more… Also, it is possible to track copy from Removable Storage operations with MyDLP.

Unmatched Printer Support

MyDLP supports all kind of printers from all brands. MyDLP does not enforce you to use a brand or a type of printer. Even, it doesn’t matter whether printers are local, remote or on a print server. As with any other channel, numerous actions (Pass, Log, Block, Quarantine, Archive) are available for printer channel. Also, printed out content will not be stored with a brand dependent format like PCL, ESC/P, ZIMF or any other property format, it will be stored using XPS.

Improved Content Definition

You can define customized content using MyDLP Management Console. It is possible to combine predefined data types, user defined keywords and shipped term dictionaries each other. Also, you can set independent thresholds and settings for all.
After you have configured MyDLP with confidential files (or where confidential data resides), MyDLP can detect partial appearances of trained data in innocent documents. MyDLP can train itself using files, folders, SQL databases or JDBC supporting data sources.

You can start to use now!

You do not have to wait for distributor or partner contact to try MyDLP. You can immediately start using MyDLP now!


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