Data Loss Prevention

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Monitor, Discover and Prevent data leakage on your company’s network and endpoints. Sign up and get protection for your company with MyDLP from Comodo!

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Data Loss Prevention Solution

MyDLP from Comodo is a rock-solid all-in-one DLP solution. You don't need to buy several modules or products to Monitor, Discover and Prevent data leakage on your company network and endpoints. Using MyDLP is enough. For more checkout the MyDLP Datasheet and Why MyDLP? pages.

Data Loss Prevention

With MyDLP, you can block any data flow containing credit card numbers, social security numbers or any sensitive information. Your customers will be more comfortable when sharing their personal and financial information with you.

Data Leakage Prevention

MyDLP provides data security for web, mail, printers, removable devices and more. Your sensitive data will not leak out through network connections or endpoint devices.

Data Security

You train MyDLP with your private files once, and MyDLP will protect them forever. No one will be able to transfer them outside your network.

Comodo MyDLP

MyDLP Enterprise Edition provides maintenance tiers and premium repository access. MyDLP’s reliability and effectiveness can be assessed by any independent experts