How to set up a Printer Rule

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MyDLP has ability to log, block,archive and quarantine all documents printed in your organization. It can control both local printer and remote printer connect to your endpoints.

If MyDLP Endpoints installed on Windows 7 , you don’t need to any dependency package installation.

If some of your endpoints have Windows XP you need to install some dependency packages. Please see Endpoint Installation Guide page 19.

To set up a printer rules please follow the steps below;

  1. Connect to MyDLP UI
  2. Go to Policy Tab
  3. Click Plus button
  4. Select Printer Rule
  5. Enter a descriptive name and save.
  6. A printer rule should contains at least one Source and Information Type.  You can find some sample sources and information types under predefined section at left side of policy screen. If its your first installation , I recommend to select “all sources” as the Source and “all matcher” as the Information Type then set Action as Archive.
  7. Click Install Policy button.

After setting a printer policy, newly added configuration will be updated on endpoints after 5 min later by default. You can change this time interval from  Settings –> Endpoint –>Sync Interval.

MyDLP Printer Rule contains 5 column.


  • Channel:  It’s descriptive name to show purpose of the rule and name given during rule creation.
  • Sources:   Which restricts the rule on a certain user or a user group which can be single user, IP address,network or Active Directory users.
  • Destination: This part is not available for the printer rule
  • Information Type:  This represents the information to be searched in the related data channel during inspections.
  • Action: Five action types are available for a printer rule.

You can find some predefined  Sources and Information Types under predefined section.

You can find detailed information in MyDLP Administrator Guide.



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