MyDLP Partner Network

MyDLP Partner Network is an ecosystem of partners that provides effective turn-key data leak prevention solutions and effective integrations to organizations all around the world.

[h3]Value Added Resellers (VARs)[/h3]

VARs are regional security resellers who are able to buy MyDLP Enterprise Edition from distribution with exclusive partner prices and special volume discounts. VARs resell MyDLP Enterprise Edition and provides local support. VARs are able to provide complementary security products and services with MyDLP. VARs are able to resell necessary hardware if required by client. MyDLP VARs are skilled with not only about MyDLP but about information security and networking.

MyDLP provides special presales, sales and technical support with necessary resources to our VARs with strong and interactive communication.

Customers can acquire MyDLP Enterprise Edition from MyDLP directly but no local support is available in this case and large deployments are not possible without MyDLP VARs. Due to special volume discounts and partner pricing MyDLP VARs have the privilege to offer better prices and provide better services than direct sales.


Consultants aid large enterprise organizations that have demanding requirements during acquisition and usage of MyDLP. Consultants can provide additional services such as risk assessment, policy validation, compliance and integration services. Consultants can cooperate with VARs or some qualified VARs can also act as Consultants to provide additional consultancy services. When necessary Consultants are also able to resell MyDLP.

[h3]Technology Partners[/h3]

Technology Partners are manufacturers or service providers who enhance their offerings using MyDLP technology. Cloud providers, security appliance vendors and software vendors are able to increase the benefits to customer easily and quickly using MyDLP API integration and other integration methods.

[h2]MyDLP is seeking partners now![/h2]

MyDLP is seeking additional partners, worldwide, who can successfully promote and deliver MyDLP in their region. If you are a software reseller or consultant with solid ties in the Information Security Market and have a strong software reseller network consider becoming a MyDLP Partner, contact us to apply or for more by submitting the form below.

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